Scene 9

[ The stage is set for sunrise, red & yellow lights and a green floor. The Generals walk on stage. ]

G.E. The place is isolated sir. Airwaves are silent. Do you notice anything different?

G.T. Six Speed Honda! There’s a H-Bomb on the horizon! 

[ ducks for cover ]

G.E.  That’s the Sun sir. I have a book called Nature Deficit Disorder and You, you really should read sometime. 

G.T. So what’s so different? The Pentagon is a queer and weary place. 5 sides, what in tarnation were they thinking?

G.E. Well you don’t see it. And you don’t hear it either. Out here, the air is sweet. There isn’t much chemical between us. With every movement shadows cast an echo of the past. 

G.T. Do you smoke reefer, General?

G.E. Let me put it another way, look at the trees. Do you see guerrillas? 

G.T. They’re completely still. They must be planning something. We might be surrounded!

G.E. Now, General. If you look closely, every branch is moving. There’s a restlessness in even the still-life portrait you think you see right in-front of your eyes. 

G.T. Zumba Spice-rack! Are you coming on to me, General?

G.E. What I’m trying to say is…

[ a speaker voice declares ]

Cassandra. Good-morning everyone. This is not a test. Repeat, this is not a test. Merry-Christmas, the war is over. 

G.T. When did Fox News get rights to coverage of the parking lot?!

Cassandra. The revolution that started in the hands of the bankers of Wall Street, who sabotaged the U.S. economy, and was transferred to the people of the world who were upset and upstaged by their government’s selfish responses to the financial crisis, reflected in the Occupy Movement,  has come to a close. Thank you. 

G.T. Surrender! Surrender damn you!

G.E. It’s been a pleasure knowing you sir. But if you’ll excuse me, I have to go secure my bank account. 

[ General Electric laughs nervously and runs off-stage ]

G.T. [ walks around silent for a minute, flags an imaginary cab ] Driver, take me home. 

Driver.  [ pulls up in a cardboard-white taxi cutout ] To your house, sir? Or Home-sic? 

G.T. I am home sick. Take me there.

[ the projector starts up again, reflecting moments of street-side americana life, after that end scene ]


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