Scene 4

[ A window-frame with a candle light, Cassandra walks up just below. ]

Cassandra. [ singing ] This little light of mine… [ thoughts wandering ] Iris and her pupil. The tradition doesn’t get any older than this, right from the source. I never knew I could feel so at home, a thousand miles away, and in the middle of December!

I hope the family are ok. From what I can tell, the U.S. is in much better shape than I thought! The riots in Greece and Athens are upsetting to see. But somehow I feel like the students there are channeling a physical and violent manifestation of the same worries and concerns that we have at home.

[ a figure shows behind the window, a man with a very bushy, very curly mustache and a red and white striped shirt barely covered in a small black jacket ]

Owl. Who is this! [peculiar accent, like the French tower-man from The Holy Grail ]

Cassandra. Oh, sorry! I was only reminiscing!

Owl. No! These are troubling times for fiends like you and I! You weren’t only reminiscing! You were…

[ blows the candle out ]

Owl. You were Occupying!

Cassandra. I’ll be going. Now, thank you.

Owl. [ shouting ] You were Occupying! Fiend!

Cassandra. What’s your problem?

Owl. [ stepping back and coming around the window frame ] I see. I see. Owls aren’t blind you see? You’re a tourist. This old print shop used to be a gun-powder manufacturer during the war. And then, it was and old print shop. And then! An armory! And then… [ lights the candle from the outside ] It is, is unseen. Anachronistic. A place for the Anarchists!

Cassandra. [ laughing ] I wouldn’t go around saying you’re anarchists. Isn’t that a contradiction anyway? To be yourself and faceless… Not to mention anachronistic.

Owl. It is Anarchy! Come! Owl show you!

Cassandra. You’re a creep!

Owl. [ turning around ] I wouldn’t hang around on the streets much later. Tonight, I see the wolves wear wolves’ and where-wolves clothing. Inside and out, you’ve seen the riots on the 9s. The news favors footage that captures the spirit just right. But misses little misses like you in the cutting room. You see?

Cassandra. What?

Owl. There’s another riot planned for this evening, midnight. Come.

Cassandra. Alright, only until the bus for the hostel comes to pick me up. If something should happen to me, they’ll know I’ve gone missing.

Owl. Owl take care of you. See the light? Not holiday tradition. Activism.

Cassandra. How?

Owl. [ opening a imagined door for her, showing her in ] In time.

Cassandra. I’m a journalism student, studying abroad because I want to learn as much as possible about your country, your friends, your life! What does the candle mean?

Owl. I see, I see. We plan to blow up the shield!

[chorus of voices rise up from just behind, the window falls over, revealing a table with a candle on it, and a group of rowdy Anarchists glowing and smiling and toasting beers ]

Anarchists. [ always in a sing-songy chorus ] Blow up the Shield!

Cassandra. [ taken aback ] You’re terrorists!

Anarchists. [ all gasp, taken aback ]

Owl. I see, I see. Owl tell you something. When the child is told by parent, “Child, don’t touch stove. Flame is hot!” And the child touches flame. Child rears back in agony! “Ouch!” [ he comically mimes the child touching the stove with the candle ] The pain goes away, and the child smiles. Why? He learn something parent could never teach! This is anarchy!

Anarchists. Anarchy!

Cassandra. That’s horrible.

Owl. Owl continue. In the ignoble monarchy of Russia we were ruled by theocratic men who dress like women and women who slept with horses. In England, Guy Fawks…

Anarchists.  Fawks was his name!

Owl.  Owl says Guy Fawks, the man in the million masks you see. He planed to blow up the head of state. But he was caught and tortured. Beaten. Broken. Raised from the land he loved by those he hated and burned alive. The plan was success! In time, the monarchy crumbled. And Guy Fawks was hero!

Anarchists. Remember, remember!

Cassandra. The Monarchy fell due to internal backstabbing and trade issues. Guy Fawkes was a martyr for your cause. He jumped off the scaffolding they were going to hang him on and fell to an accidental death. Not a hero.

Anarchists. [ suddenly less jolly ] Fawkes was his name…

Owl. Owl forgive you for not seeing the point here. Burn! Burn! And rise. Burn! Burn! And rise. This is flight from the beat of the heart of sparrow’s wings to hot air balloons. Rockets! No matter the weapon we face, we use our bodies, our actions, to rise to any occasion! Anarchists have been there through history! We fought fascist in Italy, Bolivia, and all over the world. Fascists taking farmers to court. Fascists taking natives from own land. Fascists building missiles to blow up other missiles.

Anarchists. Blow up the shield!

Owl. So we see the only way to beat Fascists, to teach lesson, is to burn them.

Cassandra. And how do you plan on doing that?

Owl. Who are you?

Cassandra. What do you mean, we’ve been talking all this time. My name is…

Owl. [ demeanor changed, getting aggressive ] Who are you?!

Cassandra. [ getting scared ] Audry. Audry Hepburn.

Owl. Who?!

[ lights flash on stage, a car horn ]

Cassandra. That must be the bus!

[ she leaves in a hurry, the Anarchists purse their lips and all blow out the candle: end scene ]


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