Scene 2

Cassandra. Jimmy, no! 

[ Cassandra rushes on stage and implores her brother, standing with a spray paint can about to tag a wall — holding the can, Jimmy drops it and slowly rears his head back, listening ]  

Cassandra. Jimmy, I can’t believe you! How could you do this to your own house? An X? 

Jimmy. X marks the spot!  

Cassandra. Jimmy, we’re not pirates. 

Jimmy. X is for Occupy, Cassie.  

Cassandra. Occupy what? 

Jimmy. We are the 99%. 

Cassandra. Jimmy, did the kids at school tell you to do this? 

Jimmy. No Cassie, everyone like Jimmy.  

Cassandra. Here, Jimmy, give me the can. 

Jimmy. Red and green! Red and green! 

[ red and blue lights spin like those on a cop car ] 

Cassandra. Green? What? Cops! Jimmy, stay quiet. I’ll handle this. 

Officer. Hands up! 

Cassandra. Officer! 

Officer. [ into radio ] Dispatch 411, we have two vandals at the group home on Hopkins St.  

Jimmy. This is Jimmy-Jakes house! 

Officer. Did I ask you to talk? Hands behind your head! 

Cassandra. Do what he says Jimmy. 

Officer. You two are under arrest for vandalizing private property. 

Cassandra. I’m so sorry officers. My brother here is autistic. This is his home. He didn’t know what he was doing.  

Jimmy. Jimmy-Jakes! 

Cassandra. Please, if we can go inside you can speak with his caregiver. He just got home from school and must have had some cruel kids at school dare him to do this. 

Officer. [ into radio ] Dispatch, call off Code 594.1. [ to Cassandra ] And you’re his sister? 

Cassandra. Yes. 

Jimmy. We’re not pirates! 

Officer. I see. Well, it’s snowing. We’ll continue this inside.  

[ with the lights out: end scene ]


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