Scene 1

[ Cassandra knocks on an invisible door. ] 

Cassandra. Grandma? Hello!  

Grandma. [ voice off stage ] Come in! 

[ spotlight illuminates Grandma as Cassandra mimes opening the door ] 

Cassandra. My, what an interesting odor!  

Grandma. You shouldn’t have come, dear!  

[ Cassandra mimes closing a garbage bag ] 

Cassandra. I wanted to see you Grandma. And I just saw the most amazing play! Not far from here.  

Grandma. They still have plays?! 

[ Cassandra walks closer and mimes careful footsteps, as if walking through a minefield ] 

Cassandra. My, what big chips you have on the floor here! 

Grandma. You shouldn’t worry about that.  

[ Cassandra sits facing her Grandma, Grandma is fixed on a glowing TV screen ] 

Cassandra. There’s plenty going on. But I always make time to see you. Besides, the floor could use a good vacuuming. 

Grandma. The floor is fine. I just vacuumed yesterday. 

[ Cassandra leans in ]

Cassandra. My, what a big chip you have on your shoulder!  

Grandma. You shouldn’t go out at night alone like that you know. 

Cassandra. I know. I’ll be careful. So, how’s Uncle Sam? Does he still visit? 

Grandma. Who? Oh, yes Sam’s always over here. 

Cassandra. I saw some empty beer cans by the garbage bags. 

Grandma. You know, this place isn’t run by the guy upstairs. 

Cassandra. You live on the second floor of a two story building…  

Grandma. [ turning to face Cassandra with a grave look ] No, it’s run by the guy down there. 

Cassandra. H.U.D.? 

Grandma. No! The guy down there! [ pointing down repeatedly ] 

Cassandra. Oh! You mean the devil. [ laughs ] Grandma, the sisters who run this place just want to make sure you’re doing well. They want to make sure you’re taken care of. You know they work for H.U.D. but they’re just trying to follow their orders. 

Grandma. They threatened to kick me out! 

Cassandra. That’s horrible! Why?  

Grandma. They say I don’t keep up the place, cleaning. It’s clean! You see it.  

Cassandra. Yeah, I do. Let me vacuum for you. [ gets up and mimes vacuuming ] 

Grandma. [ while Cassandra is cleaning, she starts a monologue ] You don’t have to take care of me! That rotten Uncle of yours takes advantage of me, spending all my money. I barely have enough to pay the bills and he’s buying things he doesn’t need. If I had a car, I would drive everywhere and take care of myself. But these legs aren’t taking me anywhere; it’s this place! My veins are closing up in this place. 

Cassandra. All better! Take care Grandma! 

Grandma. You’re leaving?  

Cassandra. I have to go pick Jimmy up from the group home. 

Grandma. Tell Jimmy I love him! 

Cassandra. I will. Love you Grandma! 

[ with the lights out: end scene ]


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