Start: Prologue

The play starts with a one celled creature, Cassandra in a room, concealed on three sides by walls spray painted dark, with dashed vertical white lines.

Cassandra. Life is a book on the shelf, in a dust covered jacket. It’s fine by itself, but it’s not doing me any good. It just blows that I have to wipe it clean just to see the cover. I don’t work, I can’t play. I don’t have time to let loose just to start over. I just meander, round school, round midnight, then back to this. It helps that Grandma is taken care of at the Nursing Home. It helps that Jimmy is getting care at the group home. That just leaves me stuck here like a wax figure on the weekends.

[ walks over to a wall and sighs, and slams her head against the wall. it’s cardboard, so it just falls over. she jumps back, shocked. ]

Cassandra. Looks like life just took a beating! Wait a second, this isn’t life. It’s theater. I’m not a wax figure, I’m an actor! If only I had a play… Life can’t stay on the shelf forever.

[ she leans on the opposite wall, about to ponder, and slowly tips it over. ]

Cassandra. Life gets better the more you think about it! I could go to a play, just to see something to get my creative juices flowing. There’s the Subversive Theater. Always sending me links to the next season. I never even saw this season’s comedy. A tragedy, there’s no better time than now and it’s always getting late.

[ turns on the audience. huffs, and stomps her foot. the third wall falls down. ]

Cassandra. That’s it, the road is open. The street lights shine like halos overhead. To the theater!

[ she sets down her cell phone center stage ]

Cassandra. Above the road, from the greatest show. Down the row, well, this guy looks friendly enough!

[ she moves into the crowd, takes a open seat ]

Cassandra. Let’s break the fourth wall. These couples that always look like they have nothing on their mind look alive! People come to the theater to take it in! To grab life by the dust jacket and blow it wide open. The theater. The Subversive Theater is ready to start. But wait! There’s someone. She looks so sad. Well, how could she? She’s obviously come of her own free will or… wait a minute, there he is. The boyfriend. Maybe dragged her along? Either way who comes to a place just to sit back into an uncomfortable zone? She should tell him like it is. I wish I could talk to her. These people, this guy looked nice enough. Eyes shine like spotlights. Eager looking smile. But is he just a wax figure too? Are they all?

[ a figure in a white robe comes in from behind and stands infront of the audience, not addressing them at all, just focused on Cassandra ]

Jesus. Are you well, my child?

Cassandra. Jesus!

Jesus. Take it easy Cassandra.

Cassandra. Jesus! I just never thought I’d find you here. I’m really enjoying this play.

Jesus. It was meant to be… funny. I’m glad.

Cassandra. But can you believe some people?! They’re miserable! Well not that one. He smiles like a child under the Christmas tree, red and green lights illuminate his waking dream. But others, they barely have color in their cheeks. Wax simulacra. Jesus, what are you doing here?

Jesus. Giving them what they asked for.

Cassandra. Misery?

Jesus. Humans are endowed with free will. Unique in all my kingdom! But they are also afflicted, like the animals, with a constant amnesia. Thoughts that reveal the majesty of this place wash like waves on some not too distant shore, and then recede back into the ocean. I can’t wait for the next version!

Cassandra. The next version?! You’re kidding. But we’re just starting to get to know each other and you’re replacing us!

Jesus. Now you see me, now you don’t! [Jesus steps in and out of the spotlight ] Just like the human species, my child. You are one of many iterations. You call it evolution. It is true that humans were created in my image, but I never stated what my true image was. It just so happens the flesh is far too temporal, you’ve got to think beyond the temples. You always ask me how do I have the divine patience to put up with all the suffering that free will puts in your hearts and minds. I look forward to each and every evolution. The next one, I think you’ll like. But I won’t spoil it for you. For now, enjoy the show (have faith?), Cassandra.

Casandra Aww! Such a good guy. And such a good crowd. I think I understand. They may not all show delight, as the body lies. The Spirit is so often afflicted by some unknown disease. Restless life syndrome. We just don’t see the real state of things. The play is over! I didn’t get the ending, but I think the evening ended well. Now, what to write!?

[ she gets up, walks back on stage, scratches her head, and grabs her phone: end scene ]


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