End: Genesis

[ Jimmy returns to stage, a statuesque punk decked out with liberty spikes and red, white and blue accessories. ]

Jimmy. [ speaking with more focus, less autistic passivity than before ] In the beginning…

[ Cassandra joins, dressed in a white gown, holding a torch like the Statue of Liberty ]

Cassandra. We created the movement and birth.

Jimmy. [ excited ] And it was good!

Cassandra. From a single declaration…

Jimmy. Separate money from politics!

Cassandra. To a worldwide demand…

Jimmy. Occupy Wall Street!

Cassandra. We are the union. And we declare this to be our land.

Jimmy. Our voice!

Cassandra. Our voice is called the General Assembly.

Jimmy. Anywhere!

Cassandra. Anywhere a General Assembly is held, there is progress.

Jimmy. Moderators!

Cassandra. Moderators are not in charge, but they start the call and response.

Jimmy. They’re stacking them, Cassie, they’re staking them!

Cassandra. Anyone with any issue can join the stack and the democratic process will vote.

Jimmy. Now now!

Cassandra. Women and minorities may take precedent. 

Jimmy. X marks the spot!

Cassandra. The issues raised to the General Assembly must continue to move through the democratic system. Once the general assembly has a consensus, local town halls must take up the issues in the traditional democratic process. The Occupy Movement moves on to the environment of the political structure of any democratic system.

Jimmy. Democracy!

Cassandra. There is no Occupy Movement without a democratic government. These two are symbiotic. 

Jimmy. Red and green!

Cassandra. Each reform we have fought for has been won by a long process of starts and stops, of red and green lights, but we are patient. We have waited at the doors of Wall Street and Washington executives until our reforms have been “green lighted” by the system. They still have to be raised to the national conversation, and voted on by the traditional legislative bodies. But after we passed the first reform, that we end campaign contributions, taking money out of politics, it was easier to get the other reforms voted on. 

Jimmy. Cassandra?

Cassandra. Yes Jimmy?

Jimmy. Who are you?

Cassandra. I’m your sister, Jimmy.

Jimmy. I know Cassie. Who is Cassandra?

Cassandra. I’m your voice, Jimmy.

[ cast comes out and just speaks with the interested audience members as they leave, no bowing, just straight from play to encouragement and interaction ]


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